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Gemsoft Treasure TM was designed from the beginning to adhere to published software standards. The data is stored in Microsoft Access TM format (Access is not installed, nor does it need to be installed, we just chose that format since it is the most popular) so you donít have to worry about your data becoming obsolete or stranded. You can share the data and images with most Microsoft Office TM compatible products, and other accounting programs such as QuickBooks Pro 2000 which have support for Access file import.

The images created and used by Gemsoft Treasure are JPEG files so there is no need to convert the images for the Internet. The images are not stored inside the database but rather the databases are used as an index, this keeps the architecture lean and fast and prevents data corruption. Even though this method requires substantially more complex programming and system design, we thought it was worth it and will allow Gemsoft Treasure to evolve as new and faster computers become available.

The reports can be export to all popular data file formats such as: Microsoft Excel, IBM Lotus, DIF, Text, Microsoft Word, tab and comma separated, RTF


Gemsoft Treasure was designed from inception to be used on network. Multiple stations can be setup in your business. Have a POS system in the store area networked to the imaging and accounting station in the back office. You can access all your accounting data, inventory, images, and catalogs from anyplace on the network. Multiple users can all share the same Inventory, Images, Catalogs on a network. Install the databases and catalogs on a file server for greater security and easy backups.