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Did you ever wish you could store picture of your merchandise along with detailed information.  Gemsoft Treasure makes it all possible today.   No more trying to get different programs to work together, its all integrated into one easy to use solution.  Associate an image with inventory, its so easy, just one click and its done,  Gemsoft Treasure does all the rest.  Best of all the images are ready to be used on the Internet, no need to export or convert.  Gemsoft Treasure even makes a smaller thumbnail image just in case you want to use that too.  

If you already have existing images, it's simple to use those images also.  Gemsoft Treasure can use almost any image format.  

You don't need to use another graphic or paint program, after all you have a business to run, you don't have time to fiddle around with programs designed for people with too much time on their hands.  Gemsoft Treasure has support built in for the clipboard, SNAPPY!, and TWAIN so virtually all scanners, digital cameras, and capture cards work with Gemsoft Treasure directly, there's no need to even save the image first, Gemsoft Treasure™ takes the image directly from your camera or scanner and does the rest.

Take a look at sample pictures taken with Gem of the Net's Imaging system. Click to view

Printing bar-codes for your inventory is easy, just one click.  The bar-code tag information is filled out automatically from the inventory information.  

Bar-code scanning allows for quick and easy inventory checking.  Missing or lost items can be quickly identified.  Bar-code scanning also speeds up the check out process and eliminates data entry errors at check out.

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