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Gemsoft Treasure


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With Gemsoft Treasure an Image is stored with every piece of Inventory. The image can be captured from live video devices, digital cameras and scanners, clipboard or even existing image files you already have.

Powerful Searching
Do you need to search your Inventory for possible items matching a customer request, Gemsoft Treasure makes it easy, every field you see above in Gemsoft Treasure is indexed and can searched, you can even search  based on criteria from multiple fields and use familiar wild card characters such as < (greater than) or > (less than)  or * (matches everything).  With Gemsoft Treasure the possibilities are endless.

Inventory Reports
Just like Gemsoft Treasure powerful searching capabilities, the Inventory reports and lists are just as powerful.  You can generate an Inventory report based on the combination of any of the fields.  You can even print out your Inventory reports with a small picture for each item shown on the report*.

Gemsoft Treasure interface was designed to be used with a keyboard or a bar-code scanner.  To bring up an items details  simply scan the merchandise and Gemsoft Treasure will search the database and display the information in an instant.

The menu category for each item on your website can be controlled and changed at anytime.

Automatic Calculations
The cost and selling price of each item can be calculated by the system using parameters that you specify or manually entered


*Requires Catalog Option