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To TopSetting up a Datamax Bar-code Printer 

Windows XP, 2KX, Vista

Load the Tags and ribbons accordingly:

1. Open the cover and open the printhead by pressing on the Printhead Latch.

2. Make sure the ROLL MEDIA is all the way to the left with Media Hub Flange pressing againt it (look at picture on left).

3. The Tag roll comes straight out of the printer, it does not go over or under anything!


Look at the right side view and make sure the black ribbon follows that path.


Close the Printhead and make sure it clicks.

Press the FEED button on the printer 3 times, and make sure the Fault or Pause lights do not come ON. If they do it means either the ribbon or the tags or both are not loaded properly.

Installing the Driver

Double click on your CD Drive containing the Gem of the Net CD.

Double click on Barcode Printer Drivers folder.

Double click on Seagull Drivers Folder and double click on Datamax_6.6.1 file.

Note: You can also download the driver from

After installing the printer driver from the CD or the above link, the following settings must be set in your printer driver to print Jewelry Tags on your printer. After installing the printer driver from the CD go to:

START-SETTINGS-PRINTERS and FAXES, high-light the Datamax printer and right click and select Printing Preferences and set it accordingly:

For these styles (on the right), change the size to: 3.00 in x 0.55 in



For these styles (on the right), change the Top Offset to: -0.20 or -0.15 and Tear offset to 0.70. If the printer starts skipping tags when printing change the Tear Offset to 0.




The following settings must be set in the Bar Code Printer Setup to print the tags on your printer. You may need to adjust these values a bit to move them up or down (Top Margins) or from left to right (Left Margins).




In Gemsoft Treasure and select the button from the main menu (on the botom right hand side, next to the EXIT button).

  1. Select the appropriate Bar Code printer from the Installed Printers window at the bottom and press the Set as barcode tag printer button. Press the Done button.



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